Maryland’s North Branch of the Potomac River is a wild and wooly trout stream. My friend Keith and I went out for a day of great trout fishing. The river’s access point is called “Lost Land Run”, and on this day it was almost true.

Keith prides himself on handcrafted rods, flies and gear. His hand crafted wading staff was truly a masterpiece. He would attach it to his wader belt with a stout strap.

To protect the staff tip from damage, he attached a brass 45 cal. shell casing. This tip was glued and riveted for a strong and perfect fit.

“The fishing is always better on the other side of the river”. Keith decided to make the crossing despite the high water. His “Thighs of Steel” and “Sturdy Custom Wading Staff” would certainly keep him safe.

Just as he was into the heart of the current, Keith lost his footing. His wading staff was wedged between the rocks and he was off his feet and dangling in the current! The wading staff tipped with the 45 cal. shell casing has a lip around the edge and apparently hooked onto a rock.

His sturdy wading staff strap was securely attached to his wading belt. Fortunately so was his sheath knife. Keith was able to draw his knife and sever his own “wading staff umbilical”!

What amazed me was how he did this without losing his head, rod, glasses, or hat. He made it safely to shore safe and soaked.

The custom wading staff was still snagged in the river. The last time we saw it, the cut “umbilical” was waving farewell in the current.

So much for “Tight Lines”!

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Sadly, there are evil people in our world. Whether they use a gun, bomb, airplane or violence, it comes down to gaining two things. Attention or control. Everyone wants it and no one wants to lose it.

In our lives, we live this every day. It comes from an abusive bully, spouse, parent, boss or from ourselves. Some folks don’t know the difference between good or bad attention. They feel out of control. To them, any attention is good attention.

How would we know when something is good if we didn’t know something bad? As children, we are supposed to learn right and wrong. Some never do.

We blame guns, drugs, abuse….we are so good at making excuses and avoiding real issues. The right things to do are never the easiest. We enable problems to persist because it’s uncomfortable to get involved.

Why not shoot up a school? Schools try to teach control and give attention. This is a place advertised as a “GUN FREE ZONE” where a selfish, sick person can feel invited to do as they choose at no risk.

Violent video games, media and sports condition participants to not care. For some, life becomes a game or a fantasy. Acting on this allows them to feel control and get their 15 minutes of fame or attention.

The Newtown massacre is an example of a sick cowards’ way to deal with their selfish needs. For a moment, they’re in control and the news media awards them with their 15 minutes of attention.

Somebody always knows something and fails to speak up. Perhaps this is where we need to place blame. What makes me nervous is how the media and political attention is encouraging us to disarm and is motivating the next offender.

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