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Montana Grant’s favorite wild game and fish recipes.

A Marinate Made In Heaven!

Marinates add flavor and tenderize meat. This is especially true when cooking wild game. Here are some tasty tips that will help your meat become even more delicious. Wild game has a “wild” odor and taste. It just does. Some

Sweetening Fish Filets

This article has been requested many times so here it is again! How many times has someone told you that your favorite fish recipe “tastes fishy”? Here’s a great trick to clean your fresh filets and enhance their flavor. Once

Seal the Deal

Vacuum Sealing Systems have been around for a while but I am used to the old school way of packing my harvest. Try out one of these great packaging systems now. Your butchered meat, burger, fish and pre-prepared meals will

Brookie Burgers

I love to eat fish! We all have our favorite recipes for whatever species we enjoy. Trout are a healthy and great fish to eat. Try making some fish into a “Burger”! I saw this idea on a cooking show