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Montana Grant’s favorite wild game and fish recipes.


  BIG APPLE DUMPLINGS are the best. Deserts at hunting and fishing camp are always important. We all enjoy S’mores, cobblers, and campfire baked treats. Try this crazy recipe at home or on your next outdoor adventure. I was taught


Gobbling up turkeys is not just about filling your tag. Turkeys are also great to eat. When we go on our annual turkey trip to eastern Montana, harvested turkeys rarely return home. They end up on the menu! Once a


New fish recipes are always fun to try. Here is one with a salsa flair, that is tasty, healthy, and easy. Fresh fish is just one of the great benefits of being married to a fisherman. Limits of filets end


Grilled and roasted wild game are always a camp favorite. When an older critter is on the meat pole, the meat can be tough, and wild tasting. A simple marinate is key to adding flavor, and tenderizing the Wild Beast.


Every hunting camp has a unique way to “Feast”! Traditions vary from meat, seafood, to just great cooking. The one sure thing is, that hunters are always hungry. Hunting means early to rise, party late, and burn serious calories. Food

Sweetening Fish Filets, Sweeter than Ever!

This article has been requested many times so here it is again! How many times has someone told you that your favorite fish recipe “tastes fishy”? Here’s a great trick to clean your fresh filets and enhance their flavor. Once


The smell and flavor of Old Bay seasoning blend is simply the best! When I first moved to Montana, Old Bay was not available in the stores. Friends would include a can of the flavorful spice blend in my yearly

Pitchfork Steaks!!!

Pitchforks make for a unique and useful outdoor cooking utensil! During one hunting camp, we needed to cook several steaks over the campfire, but someone forgot the grill or fry pan. We did have a pitchfork from the horse trailer,

Mountain Man Coffee!

Mountain Men could be pretty grizzly and grumpy without a cup of coffee! Once they were out of their grubstake, it was time to live off the land. That meant that they needed to shop around the fields and woods

S’more Fun!

We all love S’mores around the campfire. Some folks are just not patient enough to perfectly toast their marshmallows and build their own. Others just want to gobble up the Hershey Bars or eat the marshmallows cold. Marshmallows are actually