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Now What!

So we have survived the holiday season and welcomed in a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!! 2016 seemed so far away years ago. Where has the time gone? Hunting and Fishing seasons get fewer and more challenging as we age. This is

Urine Uses!!!

Recently I wrote an article about why is important to not “pee” in the campfire! Many folks responded and complained that they were angry that they could no longer pee in the campfire. Well, don’t get “peed” off, there are

Wrestling Pigs!!!

One of my favorite pieces of life advice was,” Don’t get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it!” When it comes to hunting and fishing buddies, this is awesome and important

Winter Wood!

Campfires, woodstoves, and fireplaces have to eat in order to heat! The best fuel must be dry and available when it is needed. That means some early preparation is necessary. Cutting and splitting firewood is a “rite of passage”. Not

Mosquito Pot!

  Now before some of you get all “doppy” on me, this article is about how to make a pot filled with plants that naturally repel mosquitos and other summer bugs! Placing these Bug Bomb pots around your outdoor party

Tinkle Time!

Tinkle Time is a manly ritual that hunters and fishermen have shared throughout time. Men us urinals and often talk when using the Men’s room. I don’t have a clue what Ladies do in their defined areas. I have also

Road Rules!

Safety first is a motto of most parents. It is a huge responsibility to keep our children safe without babying them. No parent wants their child to be a “wussie”! At some point, parents need to loosen the leash a

Cold Beer!

I am not an alcoholic! But, I must admit to enjoying a cold beer at certain times! Historically pioneers drank beer and spirits to hydrate. Clean water was rare but beer and whiskey were always germ free as a result


Like it or not, humans need to take a “Crap” daily to ensure good health. People have been “Pottie Trained” for in house rituals, but what happens when we venture into the wilderness? The fact is that a healthy Crap