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Campfire stories can be great fun. Here are some tips and tricks to help you spin a great yarn at your next campfire. It is ok to think out of the box, but you do need to use themes that

Q and L

Questions inspire answers. Everyone has an opinion, complaint, or judgement. Sometimes the best answer is to ask a better question. So, you want to become a better hunter, fisherman, or sportsman. Start by finding a great mentor, teacher, or role


There is a first time for everything. Often, the first time is the best time. Sometimes, the next time is just as good. Time and time again, things can just get even better. The thing is, there can only be

May the FOREST be With You!!!

Outside time is the best! Why people today spend so much time indoors is beyond me. The smell, sounds, and feel of a forest is just special. A unique power radiates from everything surrounding you amongst the trees and outdoor

Harlon’s Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are petite, colorful, graceful, and unique critters. Harlon was a grizzled, gnarly, Mountain Man, war veteran with a kind and gentle heart. These two characters don’t seem to match but in Harlon’s world, the hummingbirds were family. “I feed

No Sweat!!!

When you are Hot, you’re Hot! Summer is about longer days, more sun, more humidity, and more heat. Some folks like it hot while others prefer winter. Most residents of Montana live in homes with no air conditioners. There is


There is something magical about water. All of our senses are stimulated by its presence. It can be peaceful and relaxing one moment, and violent and devastating the next. Humans are mainly big bags of water. Our bloods and fluids

Now What???!!!

So you are in a remote outpost camp ready to enjoy a new adventure. Fishing was awesome and it is time for a special fresh fish dinner. The meal is so special that you brought along a fine white wine.

What To Do ???

There are so many outdoor activities available at this time of the year that we sometimes have trouble enjoying them all. As the seasons change, perhaps Spring offers the most opportunity for outdoor fun. I am sure that the winter

Simple Math!!!!

Kids + Fish = FUN!!!!! It works every time! If you think you are a great fisherman, then teach others how to celebrate what you enjoy. Most guides and anglers have some cabin fever and need to become one with