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From the Chesapeake to the Rocky Mountains, Montana Grant shares America’s best hunting and fishing.


“BEST” is relevant to each hunter. All hunters have their “best” story, joke, recipe, or buck. The thing about the Best, is that once you do you best, the bar is now raised higher. Best, changes with each better best!


Wild game “backstraps, tenderloins, fish, loins, or filets”; no matter what you call them, this cut of meat, along the back of the critter, is simply delicious. Filet Mignons are cut from this amazing and lean cut of meat. Loins


Every sportsman wants to be the winner. Whether they win the biggest buck, bull, or fish, the trophy wall will celebrate the winning memorial. If it is not on the wall, it will be in the conversation. During a lifetime

500 !!!

Practice makes perfect! Wisdom comes from experience. It takes 500 repetitions, or more, for some things to become learned. The only way to learn how to catch a fish is to catch a fish. After you catch 500 of one


Everyone has experienced the special fragrance that emanates from a stinky ice chest. Whether it contained fish, bait, old food, or other rotten things, stinky ice chests can take your breath away! Years ago, I saw an article in a


Bees and wasps can quickly ruin your day. These stinging insects can quickly cause pain, and potential death. As Fall arrives, outdoorsmen can have close encounters. Checking out duck blinds, deer stands, boat docks, canoes, gardens, lawns, or just hiking


Now don’t get me wrong, I love nature and most of God’s creatures. Buzzards, or Turkey Vultures, may be my new least favorite critter. Especially at the Susquehanna State Park below Conowingo Dam. This location is a wonderful access for


Most sad, mean, hateful, and miserable people do not fish! They stew in their own sorrowful swill and find ways to lower the bar to their level. Instead of using their energy and resources to do good, they find ways


Trout season is not over. Stocking continues, and the fish are scrappier and bigger than ever! Today I fished the North Branch of Muddy Creek in Pennsylvania.  I have fond memories of this creek from fishing with my Dad, and


Now is the time to shake the fat off the booty! Hopefully you have been gradually losing some pounds and stayed active through the spring and summer. With hunting season just around the corner, we need to start getting our