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Montana Grant’s best hunting tips, whether you are hunting in Montana or Maryland, Montana Grant will help you get your buck, your bird, or whatever you are after!

Sling Shots!

Sling shots are great tools for hunting and stress relief. Shooting almost anything is empowering and just fun. BB guns, bows and arrows, spitballs, or rubber bands are always a great way to pass the time. Every acorn that was

Don’t Pee in the Campfire!!!!

Peeing in the campfire could ruin your health and other benefits! Go find an offsite discreet place to relieve yourself. Campfire ash is an essential addition to a camper’s hygiene and health needs. This unique product has many helpful and

The Years are Long but the Days are Short!

Hunt and fish until you drop! Stay young as long as you can! Do not anchor yourself into a Fat Boy or Girl chair and grow old! This should be the Battle Cry of every aging outdoorsman. I know that

Hunting Camp!

Hunting camp brings friends together and celebrates traditions of the hunt. Each season is a new opportunity and adventure. We only have so many opening days in our lives. It is important to enjoy and participate in as many as

Crappy Photos!

Congratulations on tagging your latest trophy critter! All hunters enjoy capturing that special moment to be shared with friends. Take time and care to create a great memory. The picture I have in this story is a great example of

“Humans, it’s what’s for Dinner!”

We are not alone when in nature. Careless mistakes or being unaware can result in serious problems. It is important to be prepared for Nature’s surprises. Whenever we trek into the outdoors, things can get dangerous quickly. While we are

Get Bullish on Hunting!

It is time to get your Big Game Face on and begin this year’s hunting adventure! Chasing Bulls across Montana is the most demanding and exciting hunting adventure you can tackle. Hunters only have so many elk hunts in their

Dog Tired of Winter?

Montana winters seem to last forever. This year’s winter hasn’t been that rough but if you don’t ski, winters can seem longer. Ice fishing helps to pass the time but we need to stay active. I use the short day

Puppy Time

The Montana winters are long and cold. That means it’s “Puppy Time”! Think about getting your new favorite hunting buddy now. The Animal Shelters in your area have some great prospects just waiting for you. Last year at this time