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Montana Grant’s best hunting tips, whether you are hunting in Montana or Maryland, Montana Grant will help you get your buck, your bird, or whatever you are after!

BLOODED!!! (written for

Hunting is a Blood sport. Blood Trails are a part of the deed to harvest a deer. Once you release the arrow or pull the trigger, an ethical hunter must finish what they started. Not every shot ends well. An


Gobbling up turkeys is not just about filling your tag. Turkeys are also great to eat. When we go on our annual turkey trip to eastern Montana, harvested turkeys rarely return home. They end up on the menu! Once a


“Aim small, miss small!” This should be the mantra for every hunter. We all try to make sure that our big game guns are sighted in, our gopher getters are fine-tuned, and our bows are perfect at 30 yards. Nobody


“Did you get your elk?” This is a common question asked throughout Montana each season. Families that hunt together, stay together. Great hunting companions, whether family or friends, are hard to find. The Stovall family is an example of what


No one pulls the trigger and plans to miss their target. Marksmen master their shooting skills by shooting. One perfect shot is the result of target time at a shooting bench or range. Every hunter should practice shooting year around.


Now is the time to shake the fat off the booty! Hopefully you have been gradually losing some pounds and stayed active through the spring and summer. With hunting season just around the corner, we need to start getting our

Shotgun Golf!!!

A “Bulls Eye” and a “Hole in One” have a lot in common. Both mean that you were on target and did something right! Sporting clays, like golf, is just the thing to relieve stress, hang out with friends, and

Leave a Campsite Better Than You Found It!

  That’s just how it is supposed to be! Maybe it because I was a Boy Scout or just because I appreciate the beauty of nature, but this is what we should all do! We all enjoy a clean and

I Almost Died!

The other day my hunting Buddy called me to announce that he almost died! I was glad to hear that he was still healthy and happy. He told me a story about his near death experience. Wind Blows! When a

Food For the Soul!

Humans are Hunters and Gatherers. At one time, Hunters were once the community provider of fresh meat for the family and community. Daniel Boone and Meschack Browning spent their time hunting and providing for their families. Their success meant survival.