Category: Hunting Stories

Montana Grant’s favorite hunting stories, from Montana and Maryland hunting trips.

Opening Day!

Thanksgiving signals a start and a finish for many hunters. In Maryland, gun season for deer opens up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My Montana roots are used to a longer gun season that ends at the same time. Certainly weather

Brothers Never Get Old!

When two turkeys go spring gobbler hunting, some things never change. Brothers always joke, argue, advise, reminisce, tease, aggravate, encourage, agitate, and generally pick on each other. This continued to be the theme for this spring’s turkey hunt. Brothers have


Winter is rough on humans. We gain fat during our long and cold winter hibernation. Bears use their fat up and come out each spring lean and mean. Now that the weather is showing signs of spring it is time

Hunting Camp Dreams!

Sleeping at hunting camp is always restful, but can be interrupted by strange dreams. You would think that hunters would dream about a big buck, pheasants, or some sweet looking huntress. The other night at Waterfowl Camp, I had a

Another Day in the Tree!

So what did you do today? “I spent the day sitting 15 feet up in a tree stand hunting deer”. Usually the response is… ”You must be crazy”. Oh well, what can I say? Tree stand hunting is a hard

The BEST Hunt!

Going hunting changes over time for all of us. It also becomes better and more fun. As we age, our goal shifts from filling our tags to showing others how to fill theirs. Passing along the traditions and skills of

When In Doubt!

I am so tired of hearing hunting and fishing stories about Bad Choices! When I do an outdoor show or am around hunting and fishing buddies, suddenly I feel like I am a Catholic priest doing confession. When a big


If your hunting goal is to harvest a BIG BUCK, you need to hunt and scout year around. Scouting and preparation are essential for success. Hunt early and stay late when you hunt. Hunters evolve as their experience and skill

Don’t Jump!

Elk can found almost anywhere throughout Montana. We find their tracks and sign in so many strange places. Tourists can get closer to elk in Yellowstone Park. There is often a herd of friendly elk near the Mammoth Hot Springs

Puppy Time

The Montana winters are long and cold. That means it’s “Puppy Time”! Think about getting your new favorite hunting buddy now. The Animal Shelters in your area have some great prospects just waiting for you. Last year at this time