Category: Hunting Stories

Montana Grant’s favorite hunting stories, from Montana and Maryland hunting trips.


“Did you get your elk?” This is a common question asked throughout Montana each season. Families that hunt together, stay together. Great hunting companions, whether family or friends, are hard to find. The Stovall family is an example of what


Christmas trees are a must for celebrating the holidays! Real trees are the best choice if you want a traditional holiday feel. Pines, spruces, and firs look amazing, but also smell wonderful. What would Christmas be without a real tree?


Antelope hunting is an annual, western, hunting tradition. “Speedgoats, Stinkgoats, or Lopes” are all names for a critter that is the last survivor of an ancient deer species. The Lewis and Clark expedition made the first documentation of this native


Grilled and roasted wild game are always a camp favorite. When an older critter is on the meat pole, the meat can be tough, and wild tasting. A simple marinate is key to adding flavor, and tenderizing the Wild Beast.


Every hunting camp has a unique way to “Feast”! Traditions vary from meat, seafood, to just great cooking. The one sure thing is, that hunters are always hungry. Hunting means early to rise, party late, and burn serious calories. Food

In the Tree Down by the River!!!

Deer always amaze me. They are such smart and unpredictable creatures. The Rut often is the only time the big bucks make a mistake. They are so focused on chasing does that they let down their guard. After scouting my

Old Hunting Camps Never Die!!!

Opening days and hunting camps are a perfect fit. A Brotherhood of hunters gather each Fall to share and celebrate another year of hunting. For many of these hunters, it is the only time that they get to hook up.

Here We Go Again!!!

I knew that Fall was near the other day when an acorn hit me in the head. The leaves are turning color and the days are growing shorter. Something inside a hunter awakens with changing seasons. Our senses signal our


Crap, scat, poop, dung, droppings, or whatever your favorite adjective is, all speak of the same thing, CRAP! Hunters look for sign when searching for critters afield. The fresher the better! Each critter leaves behind a special gift that is

Opening Day!

Thanksgiving signals a start and a finish for many hunters. In Maryland, gun season for deer opens up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My Montana roots are used to a longer gun season that ends at the same time. Certainly weather