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Montana Grant’s best fishing tips, whether you are fishing in Montana or Maryland, Montana Grant will help you catch your fish!

TIME to PAY the PIPER!!!

 Time to renew your fishing licenses! These relatively small annual expenses are important to protect, manage, and maintain our recreational fisheries. Hatcheries, transportation, enforcement, technology, and other needs are paid using our annual license contributions. For many, licenses and fees,

Now What???!!!

So you are in a remote outpost camp ready to enjoy a new adventure. Fishing was awesome and it is time for a special fresh fish dinner. The meal is so special that you brought along a fine white wine.

Eyes On The Prize!!!

Decent polarized sunglasses are essential when fishing. Why some folks don’t wear them is beyond me. Polarized sunglasses do three important things for fishermen. First they cut glare so that the angler can see what is going on under the

Coming Home!

Isn’t it great “when a bird comes home to roost!” This is a saying that many of us can relate to. Parents enjoy seeing their children actually listen to some advice. Teachers, Scout leaders, mentors, bosses and everyone that gives

Get Reel Ready!!!

Better gear helps fishermen to be more successful! Much of today’s less expensive gear is way better than what many of us learned to fish with. It is certainly more effective than old cane poles and bobbers! My first fishing

Party Planner!!

Everyone wants to experience wonderful outdoor adventures, but many are too lazy to plan them. We all get wound up in our jobs, families, and challenges, and forget to plan ahead for a quest. When we reach the end of

Fishing Politics!

Fishermen are like our political parties! There are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents! We represent every culture, wealth, attitude, and ……in our society. Browns, Brooks, Bows, and Bulls are all trout and share the same environment. We can too! We have

Sling Shots!

Sling shots are great tools for hunting and stress relief. Shooting almost anything is empowering and just fun. BB guns, bows and arrows, spitballs, or rubber bands are always a great way to pass the time. Every acorn that was

Wader Wunderwear!!??

Waders are like kilts. Folks always wonder what you are wearing underneath! This intimate topic is also a reality for comfort, dryness, and warmth. Years ago, I bought my Father his first pair of waist high neoprene waders. I told

Fish Can See Too!

  Fishermen are always looking for the fish they hope to catch. Fish are also looking for anything that might catch them. Survival depends upon being alert and aware of movements, reflections, and vibrations. Fish are also sought by predators