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Eyes On The Prize!!!

Decent polarized sunglasses are essential when fishing. Why some folks don’t wear them is beyond me. Polarized sunglasses do three important things for fishermen. First they cut glare so that the angler can see what is going on under the

What’s in Your Pants?

Pants are the perfect place to carry a knife. Whether it is in your pocket or on your belt, knives define the kind of outdoorsman you are. The first part of my pants that wears out is my pocket! I


Hats define many outdoorsmen. Maybe it is because most heat is lost through our heads or we just want to look cool. I have friends that I have never seen afield without a hat. Some hats are for hunting, some

Scratch That Itch!

Many outdoorsmen that I have known love a good back scratch! Maybe it is because of the bugs, sweat, or long periods of time without a proper bath. We use all kinds of “scratchers” to satisfy our needs. Tools are

Looking Your Best!

Wearing eye protection when outdoors is essential for looking your BEST! Whether you are shooting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors, wearing decent glasses is a must. Not only can good glasses help you improve and enjoy the outdoor sport

“Gittin’ Yer Limit”

What is our obsession with “Gittin’ yer limit?” If the sign says “Daily Limit is 5 Trout”, we will pound the water until we reach the “limit.” Never mind how big or small, it’s the limit that matters more than