Category: Fish Stories

Montana Grant’s favorite fish stories, from Montana and Maryland fishing trips.


Everyone has a story about the one that got away! It may be about that special girlfriend or boyfriend that almost closed the deal. Maybe it was that bargain you almost made. Perhaps it was a job or an opportunity


Maryland’s formal Trout Season opens this Saturday, March 25th, at 5:30 am. The creel limit is 5/ daily (all species of trout, combined), and a possession limit of 10. There is no minimum size. Most stocked trout are over 9


Sometimes you just feel like eating fish! A freshly caught trout dinner is hard to beat. Fish just tastes better, when it has not been frozen. Trout are certainly delicious, but there are many kinds of fish that are pretty


Our feelings, when hunting and fishing, are special. They will not be enjoyed, unless you get out of your Fat Boy Chair, and venture outdoors. Sure, it may be windy, cold, rainy, and did I say cold? Thank goodness for


The doorbell rang early in the morning which sent the dogs into a barking frenzy! My neighbor was about to head out for a morning of striper fishing. The weather was finally cool, calm, and sunny. Last minute trips can


Maryland Steamed Crabs are truly the Last Best Seafood! When living in Montana, the thing I missed most about Maryland was Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs. Oh sure Montana has Rocky Mountain Oysters, but they come from under a bull and

Eyes On The Prize!!!

Decent polarized sunglasses are essential when fishing. Why some folks don’t wear them is beyond me. Polarized sunglasses do three important things for fishermen. First they cut glare so that the angler can see what is going on under the

Trout Train!!

Riding the rails and being a Trout Hobo just go together! I celebrated the Opening day of Pennsylvania trout season along the Muddy Creek. A local club and Trout Unlimited work together to keep miles of trout fishing open and

Ashes to Ashes…

My Father passed away recently at the age of 95. His health was “better than he deserved” until the end. We all would wish for the same. Hunting and fishing kept my Father active and healthy. Fishing in Yellowstone was

Dear Son and Daughter!

Fathers and children have a special bond. The time spent together hunting, fishing, camping, and doing outdoor things, prepares us to become men and women. I have been blessed to have a “buck” and “doe”; my favorite Son and my