About Montana to Maryland Grant

Grant and MagNature and life is always about change. Montana is great but Maryland has always felt more like home.

I was born in Garrett County, Maryland and retired from a teaching career in Baltimore County, Maryland. My residence was in Oregon Ridge Park for 23 years where I was a Naturalist, Horticulturalist, Caretaker, and Ranger.

Moving to Montana in 2000 was such a great adventure. We used a U-Haul truck instead of a Conestoga wagon. Our kids were exposed to a new destination and life challenge. The pioneer spirit is still alive and well.

It is time to head home again. The smell of ponderosa pine will be traded for acorns and oaks. Fresh Rocky Mountain water will give way to the salty spray of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Boy do I miss Maryland steamed crabs, oysters, and fresh tomatoes.

The wonderful thing about traveling is that we are only 2200 miles apart. In 36 hours of driving, I can celebrate my outdoor adventures from the Great Rockies to the Appalachian Mountains.

We don’t learn what to appreciate most in life until we are without it. Life is supposed to be quest where we constantly explore and discover new and exciting adventures.

This blog site is just about how to become the Outdoor Adventurer you dream to be. I will share my experiences and flavors of the west and east. Hopefully we will enjoy something we all love together. Thank you for your interest and partnership in celebrating the outdoor world together!


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