The Corona Virus is doing its worst. So, what could be good about this international pandemic?

In Montana, we are always looking for the upside. How could this virus make hunting and fishing better? Here are some thoughts about the future positive outcomes.

               Salmon fly Hatch    When was the last time you fished this hatch without a crowd of Non-Residents horning in on you? Well, this year should be great! With limited travel, quarantines, Airport challenges, and more important challenges, non-residents will be staying home.

               Spring Turkey Hunt    Fewer hunters makes for better hunting. That will be the case for Montana Spring Turkey season. Competition will be lighter since many out of state hunters will be staying home.

               Mother’s Day Hatch     The May Caddis hatch will be reserved for locals this season. This consistent hatch was always a great local afternoon hatch until it wasn’t. Promotions of this hatch have invited tons of Out of Stators to visit town when the bite is on.

               Spring Walleyes      The May and June walleye fishery has seen increased crowds over the past few years. This year it will be local luck only. Rip some lips.

               Yellowstone Park    The Park will be less crowded as the Corona Virus sidelines manty tourists. Just traveling through the park will be better since fewer tourists will be around. You will not need to see herds of Japanese tourists waving their selfie sticks and flags. Enjoy the park like it used to be.

Canceled trips    Since folks need to work more, after being quarantined, vacation plans will change and be canceled. This means less hoards of fishermen, hunters, and tourists to Big Sky Country. Now for some, they will be saddened from reduced sales but… that means more fish, critters, and crowds for the locals.

Use it or lose it! If we don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you will not reap the rewards. A less crowded river, forest, or park translates into a more quality experience. Now I know that some folks Silver Lining can be another’s Black Hole but…

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Montana Grant

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