avocado-topping-for-filetsNew fish recipes are always fun to try. Here is one with a salsa flair, that is tasty, healthy, and easy.

Fresh fish is just one of the great benefits of being married to a fisherman. Limits of filets end up in the freezer, and are soon forgotten. Eventually, you find someone to give the surplus of fish too, or you have a fish fry party. Frying fish takes more cleanup, the house smells fishy for a few days, and fried foods are not as healthy.

This recipe is great at home or at the campsite. Treat the filets like they are ribs, and prepare a Rub. I use spray oil to keep things less messy. The rubbed filets can be grilled, or baked, for 10-12 minutes. Thicker, and larger filets will take longer.

While the filets are baking, prepare your topping. Avocados may seem like a yuppie food, but they are healthy and full of flavor. The lime, cilantro, cut up tomatoes and a dash of Old Bay seasoning, blend together perfectly.

I was not expecting anything special when I first tried this new recipe. My first bite proved otherwise. This was one of the best fish dishes that I have ever tasted. It works great on most species of fish. Even my “old fried fish and tartar sauce friends” were surprised.

Fresh fish filets are best for this recipe. Once you give this a try, you will discover more freezer space, and feel a need to fish more often! This is perfect for a Fish Friday or anythime.

Create a RUB;

Mix together in a bowl the following.

3 TBSP of Brown Sugar

1 TSP of salt and pepper/ or use Old Bay

1 TSP of cumin

1 ½ TBSP of chili powder

Avocado Salsa

Cube 2 avocados

A sprinkle of Old Bay, just because!

Fresh Cilantro

Squeeze the juice from one lime

Cube small tomatoes

Coat the filets in olive oil and apply the rub to both sides. Place on foil or parchment paper, and cook for 12-15 min. until done. The thicker filets take longer. If baking in an oven, set the temp. at 425 degrees.rubbed-filets

Mix the salsa and apply on top of the cooked filets. Add some prepared vegetables for a side dish and enjoy!

Feast on filets!

Montana Grant

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