002Maryland’s formal Trout Season opens this Saturday, March 25th, at 5:30 am. The creel limit is 5/ daily (all species of trout, combined), and a possession limit of 10. There is no minimum size. Most stocked trout are over 9 inches long.

Good luck to those fishermen that are willing to hit the water at 5:30 am. You will not see me there, that early. I usually arrive later in the morning after most of the crowds are gone. There will be plenty of trout scattered throughout the waters.

Opening Day is Party Time! This annual celebration is the time to get excited about fishing fun. If you are the kind of angler that hates crowds, stay home! The banks will be full of happy fishermen. Not everyone is skilled or successful, but all will be having fun.

The weather is supposed to be perfect on Saturday. This would be a perfect time to take the family along. Great fishermen can prove it, by teaching others how to catch a fish.

Maryland stocks Rainbow, brown, and golden trout. Some fish can be larger than 5lbs. Trout are superb table fare and great sport. Stocked trout, in the Put and Take trout waters, are put there to be caught. Many of these waters will not hold trout all year around. The water will get too warm and low during the hot summers.

This is the time to use light tackle. Light fishing gear, with fine lines from 2-6 lb. test, are perfect. Hip boots and a net are helpful. Polaroid sunglasses will help you see the fish. Forceps will help you safely release any trout, you do not plan to keep. If you are releasing a fish that has swallowed the hook, cut the line. and let them have it. It will dissolve in a few days. If they are bleeding, keep them.

Presentation is key! Small spinners, crankbaits, minnows, worms, corn, cheese, Power Bait, and salmon eggs, are among the menu of baits to use. Use as small of weights, hooks, and lines as you are comfortable with. Drift them slow, deep, and naturally.

When you keep a trout, quickly dispatch it. Fish that are flopping around in a creel, stringer, or cooler suffer, and build up lactic acid, which taints the flavor of the fish. A cooler, damp artic creel or moist wicker creel keep fish fresher longer.

Natural Resource Police will be on patrol! Plainclothes volunteers and Officers will be fishing and monitoring the event. They are there to ensure everyone’s safety, and monitor limits, and rules. Remember that the fair limit is 5 trout. Do not get greedy. Feel free to throw some fish back or come on another day. The “Creel Limit” is the total number of fish allowed for that day’s outing. The “Possession Limit” means how many fish that you can have at the same time. That includes what is in your freezer. Keep each fisherman’s limit using separate stringers, sacks, or containers.officer-ward-license-check

A Fishing license and Trout Stamp are required.  You can purchase these at a sporting goods store or on line. Simply go to website.

Pick up your limit of trash while you are out. Always leave your fishing spot and campsite cleaner than you found it.

Tight Lines and Have FUN!!!!

Montana Grant

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