fried-troutSometimes you just feel like eating fish! A freshly caught trout dinner is hard to beat. Fish just tastes better, when it has not been frozen.

Trout are certainly delicious, but there are many kinds of fish that are pretty tasty. Now I am sure that the Catch and Release Purists are rolling over in their waders, but it is ok to eat a fish! Fried, baked, broiled, planked, or as Sushi, it is all good.

The other day, I had a taste for fresh fish. A local trout water had just been stocked, so I was off to shop for my fish dinner. The first cast produced a fat rainbow! Usually, that is not a good sign when you catch a fish so quick. The next 30 minutes were slow and without any action, except for the strong wind, rain, and clouds. So much for a perfect weather report.

I repositioned, so the wind would be at my back. Now I could drift my bait properly and finish my trout dinner shopping. A couple of the 5 fish, creel limit, were Palominos, or Golden Trout! They are fun to catch, beautiful, and taste great too.opening-day-2-2015

Once home, I quickly fileted the trout for dinner. A simple coating of dry Pancake Mix, seasoned with Old Bay seasoning was applied. The lightly coated filets rested on a plate, while I made my tartar sauce. I found that this dry coating is simple, healthy, and tasty. Eggs, milk, and a double Beer Batter coating, are not always needed.

A quick fry, and drain, on some paper towels finished the trout platter. Allow the filets to turn golden brown in a hot, healthy oil. This only takes a few minutes.

What is a fish fry without some Mac and Cheese? You can certainly go with a box, but homemade is simple and quick. Boil your elbow macaroni and drain. Add real cheeses to the bowl, along with some more Old Bay seasoning, and a shot of milk, butter, and parsley. Stir it up, and you are ready to go.

Fish sandwiches, or tacos, are also great, but sometimes a plateful of filets, some Mac n Cheese, and a pickle is the best!

My Trout Dinner was finally ready! The sweet filets were cooked perfect. My taste for fresh fish was being met with every bite. There were no leftovers, and the hunger pangs had subsided. Now there was just one problem.

I need to go fishing again, real soon!

Montana Grant

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