shooting-range-at-cub-hillNo one pulls the trigger and plans to miss their target. Marksmen master their shooting skills by shooting. One perfect shot is the result of target time at a shooting bench or range.

Every hunter should practice shooting year around. Many don’t. Recently I purchased a Savage 20 Ga. Slug gun and added a scope. In Montana, there is an abundance of shooting ranges or open spaces where you can safely and legally sight in your weapons. Many states, like Maryland, have more limited options.

The Baltimore County Game and Fish Protective Assn., in Cub Hill, offers a wonderful facility to assist all hunters with sighting in their weapons. Each year they offer weekend opportunities for shooters to get on target, hunter safety training, firearm training, and other outdoor activities. Memberships are available or a small fee will cover the costs.

$5.00 per gun will allow you to sight in a gun or rifle. You will be assigned an experienced assistant to help tune up your rig. They will have the optics, sandbags, ear protection, and the expertise needed to help. The shooting benches and ranges are superb. SAFETY is everyone’s business.

In the early 70’s, I sighted in my first Winchester 30-30 rifle at the same range. That rifle has since been used by over a dozen hunters to harvest their first

My new gun was poorly bore sighted but we quickly focused the scopes crosshairs on the bullseye. There was no rush to shoot. The instructors were calm, helpful, and supportive. There was not a crowd at 10 am when I arrived. You can check out their hours and event schedules at their website or Facebook page. There are also other wonderful shooting ranges and facilities available in the region.

Not only did I get to practice shooting my new gun, I gained confidence in my shooting ability and the accuracy of the new gun. When it comes time to shoot at a deer afield, I know that my gun will be the safe and effective tool for the job.

I am always amazed at how many gun owners and hunters rarely shoot their expensive arsenals. It is like buying a boat and never getting it wet. We all know these folks. The best hunters that consistently tag big game, shoot often. They do not have a freezer full of excuses or intentions, but instead enjoy an annual harvest of great meat.

Wounding a critter is a disrespectful and avoidable mistake. We also know hunters that miss their mark and fail to take responsibility. It is always someone or something else’s fault. When advice is given, they spend more time deflecting suggestions than embracing the experience of others and opportunity to become a better marksman and hunter. The whole point of pulling the trigger is to successfully hit your mark.shooting-range

The best sportsmen are the best students. Never stop practicing your craft. There is always something new to learn.

“Aim small, miss small!”

Montana Grant

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