Month: February 2016


Crap, scat, poop, dung, droppings, or whatever your favorite adjective is, all speak of the same thing, CRAP! Hunters look for sign when searching for critters afield. The fresher the better! Each critter leaves behind a special gift that is

What’s in Your Pants?

Pants are the perfect place to carry a knife. Whether it is in your pocket or on your belt, knives define the kind of outdoorsman you are. The first part of my pants that wears out is my pocket! I

Party Planner!!

Everyone wants to experience wonderful outdoor adventures, but many are too lazy to plan them. We all get wound up in our jobs, families, and challenges, and forget to plan ahead for a quest. When we reach the end of


Hats define many outdoorsmen. Maybe it is because most heat is lost through our heads or we just want to look cool. I have friends that I have never seen afield without a hat. Some hats are for hunting, some