Year: 2016


Every hunting camp has a unique way to “Feast”! Traditions vary from meat, seafood, to just great cooking. The one sure thing is, that hunters are always hungry. Hunting means early to rise, party late, and burn serious calories. Food

In the Tree Down by the River!!!

Deer always amaze me. They are such smart and unpredictable creatures. The Rut often is the only time the big bucks make a mistake. They are so focused on chasing does that they let down their guard. After scouting my

Old Hunting Camps Never Die!!!

Opening days and hunting camps are a perfect fit. A Brotherhood of hunters gather each Fall to share and celebrate another year of hunting. For many of these hunters, it is the only time that they get to hook up.


No one pulls the trigger and plans to miss their target. Marksmen master their shooting skills by shooting. One perfect shot is the result of target time at a shooting bench or range. Every hunter should practice shooting year around.

Sweetening Fish Filets, Sweeter than Ever!

This article has been requested many times so here it is again! How many times has someone told you that your favorite fish recipe “tastes fishy”? Here’s a great trick to clean your fresh filets and enhance their flavor. Once


The doorbell rang early in the morning which sent the dogs into a barking frenzy! My neighbor was about to head out for a morning of striper fishing. The weather was finally cool, calm, and sunny. Last minute trips can

Here We Go Again!!!

I knew that Fall was near the other day when an acorn hit me in the head. The leaves are turning color and the days are growing shorter. Something inside a hunter awakens with changing seasons. Our senses signal our


The smell and flavor of Old Bay seasoning blend is simply the best! When I first moved to Montana, Old Bay was not available in the stores. Friends would include a can of the flavorful spice blend in my yearly


Now is the time to shake the fat off the booty! Hopefully you have been gradually losing some pounds and stayed active through the spring and summer. With hunting season just around the corner, we need to start getting our

Pitchfork Steaks!!!

Pitchforks make for a unique and useful outdoor cooking utensil! During one hunting camp, we needed to cook several steaks over the campfire, but someone forgot the grill or fry pan. We did have a pitchfork from the horse trailer,