Month: November 2015

Opening Day!

Thanksgiving signals a start and a finish for many hunters. In Maryland, gun season for deer opens up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My Montana roots are used to a longer gun season that ends at the same time. Certainly weather

I Almost Died!

The other day my hunting Buddy called me to announce that he almost died! I was glad to hear that he was still healthy and happy. He told me a story about his near death experience. Wind Blows! When a

Food For the Soul!

Humans are Hunters and Gatherers. At one time, Hunters were once the community provider of fresh meat for the family and community. Daniel Boone and Meschack Browning spent their time hunting and providing for their families. Their success meant survival.

Sling Shots!

Sling shots are great tools for hunting and stress relief. Shooting almost anything is empowering and just fun. BB guns, bows and arrows, spitballs, or rubber bands are always a great way to pass the time. Every acorn that was