Don’t Pee in the Campfire!!!!

0918111824Peeing in the campfire could ruin your health and other benefits! Go find an offsite discreet place to relieve yourself.

Campfire ash is an essential addition to a camper’s hygiene and health needs. This unique product has many helpful and healthful uses.

  • Outhouse Smell Deterrent! Add campfire ash to the outhouse hole to eliminate odors! This is a HUGE use and well received bonus!
  • Deodorant! Add a plate of campfire ash to a stinky ice chest or meat box to remove any nasty odors. Making a damp paste for under arm use also eliminates odors.
  • Toothpaste! Place a damp tooth brush into the campfire ash to create a mild abrasive for cleaning your teeth. If there were additional fluids added to the fire, use something else.
  • Ice Melt! Sprinkle campfire ash around slick areas so no one falls.
  • Diarrhea and upset stomach?? Add a teaspoon of campfire ash to your coffee or water and drink it down. This will help to Pepto Bismol your gut so you can still hunt with your pants up!
  • Filter! Campfire charcoal is a great water filter for your drinking water if no one peed in it.
  • Fire Extinguisher! Campfire ash in a bucket works great to put out a fire. Keep buckets or cans of ash near the tent in case of an emergency.

Peeing in the campfire is just childish and a filthy habit! Just dump a bucket of ash instead. Maybe build a separate fire for your urinary and masculine competitive purposes or use some creek water!

Pee far and proud!

Montana Grant

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