Month: October 2015

Urine Uses!!!

Recently I wrote an article about why is important to not “pee” in the campfire! Many folks responded and complained that they were angry that they could no longer pee in the campfire. Well, don’t get “peed” off, there are

Wader Wunderwear!!??

Waders are like kilts. Folks always wonder what you are wearing underneath! This intimate topic is also a reality for comfort, dryness, and warmth. Years ago, I bought my Father his first pair of waist high neoprene waders. I told

Wrestling Pigs!!!

One of my favorite pieces of life advice was,” Don’t get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it!” When it comes to hunting and fishing buddies, this is awesome and important

Don’t Pee in the Campfire!!!!

Peeing in the campfire could ruin your health and other benefits! Go find an offsite discreet place to relieve yourself. Campfire ash is an essential addition to a camper’s hygiene and health needs. This unique product has many helpful and