Month: June 2015

Stogies On The Stream!

Cigars stink! I still remember waking up on Sunday mornings to the smell of King Edwards in my bedroom. My Dad would read the Sunday paper and smoke a big fat stogie! It is amazing that I have any lungs

Dear Son and Daughter!

Fathers and children have a special bond. The time spent together hunting, fishing, camping, and doing outdoor things, prepares us to become men and women. I have been blessed to have a “buck” and “doe”; my favorite Son and my

S’more Fun!

We all love S’mores around the campfire. Some folks are just not patient enough to perfectly toast their marshmallows and build their own. Others just want to gobble up the Hershey Bars or eat the marshmallows cold. Marshmallows are actually

Scratch That Itch!

Many outdoorsmen that I have known love a good back scratch! Maybe it is because of the bugs, sweat, or long periods of time without a proper bath. We use all kinds of “scratchers” to satisfy our needs. Tools are

Cookie Frenzy!

We all love great cookies! Homemade are the best. A quick nibble or snack is sometimes all we need to get through the day. While trout fishing the other day I noticed some folks having a riverside picnic. The tired