Month: March 2015

Perch Together!

Fishing with friends and family is what fishing is all about. Catching a boatload of fish together is even better! Spring brings flowers, leaves, and fishing season! It starts with perch, then hickory shad, then trout, white perch, bass, crappie,

First Flower of Spring!

What is ancient, stinky, makes its own heat, creeps, and has a large spadix? No it is not your Grandfather. These are the characteristics of the Skunk Cabbage plant! Skunk Cabbage, also known as “Swamp Lantern” is found across North


Winter is rough on humans. We gain fat during our long and cold winter hibernation. Bears use their fat up and come out each spring lean and mean. Now that the weather is showing signs of spring it is time

Meat on the Hook!

It is always about the little things! Fishing is just fishing until you do something different to start “Catching”. I was brought up to hunt and fish by doing things differently. “If you do what every else is doing, expect

Unwanted Fishing Buddy!

Ice fishing can be a lonely and cold experience without a buddy. The experience gets even lonelier if you are not getting any bites and the temperature drops even more. I discovered another challenge when ice fishing with an unwelcomed