Month: February 2015

Appetite !!!

We all have an appetite to hunt and fish more! When I spend the day chasing Bulls, Bucks, Gobblers, and trout I never seem to think about eating. What a perfect diet plan. You know you are a man or

A Quest!

We all need a Quest! Long winters inspire us to dream about a new destination, adventure, or plan. Sitting in the Fat Boy chair watching outdoor shows makes us hungry for something new on our sporting menu. Montana was one

Take a Shine to it!

The winter “off season” is a great time to deal with your gear, tackle, and worn equipment. In many ways, the process of preparing to go fishing is as much fun as going. Shining up your old and tarnished lures

Hunting Camp Dreams!

Sleeping at hunting camp is always restful, but can be interrupted by strange dreams. You would think that hunters would dream about a big buck, pheasants, or some sweet looking huntress. The other night at Waterfowl Camp, I had a