Trail Cam Dreams!

deerDeer hunting is like Christmas. There is just something so special about opening your gifts on Christmas morning. Each gift is unique, special, and a surprise. On opening morning of deer season, anything can happen. No matter how well you have scouted and intimately you know your hunting area, anything can happen.

Technology has changed the playing field. Trail cameras can give you a peak at what may be in the giftwrapped box ahead of time. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I enjoy being surprised but… I must admit I am excited about what I may I may be about to receive.

Recently, I checked the trail camera set up on a tree near my hunting stand site. As I scanned the gallery of squirrels, raccoons, birds, does, and other assorted critters, suddenly I saw what I was hoping for.

TWO MEGA BUCKS were saying cheese! Now I know that I may never see them again but…. There are two magnum bucks living near my stand! If that doesn’t give you confidence, I don’t know what does. These two bucks were at my stand in the middle of the day!

Now the problem is what do I do when other smaller but good bucks cruise by. Do I shoot or wait for the dream camera bucks that are in my mind? O well, as long as I am seeing deer. After all, it is called hunting. That means patience and making ethical and sporting choices.

So now I am hunting with a purpose. My target is one of the two bucks on the trail camera. So far, I am seeing plenty of does, smaller bucks, and squirrels. The season has plenty of time left. The challenge is to have the personal discipline to wait for the ultimate reward.

As a veteran hunter, I know how to be patient. Hunting is a waiting game. You need to always be alert and ready. Things happen quickly and always surprise you. Wait a minute, I think I heard something!? Is that a deer, a buck, the…….?

Shoot true and safe!

Montana Grant