Month: September 2014

The True Camping Life

The challenge when camping is to make camp life comfortable and luxurious! Anyone can “rough it”, eat hot dogs, and drink beer. What’s the fun in being a “camping slob” The trick is to make camping so much fun that

“Humans, it’s what’s for Dinner!”

We are not alone when in nature. Careless mistakes or being unaware can result in serious problems. It is important to be prepared for Nature’s surprises. Whenever we trek into the outdoors, things can get dangerous quickly. While we are

The BEST Hunt!

Going hunting changes over time for all of us. It also becomes better and more fun. As we age, our goal shifts from filling our tags to showing others how to fill theirs. Passing along the traditions and skills of

A Cheap Man’s Drift Boat!

Canoes are a perfect fishing boat! A canoe gives fishermen obvious advantages. First of all, canoes are mobile and easy to transport. The first waterborne fly fishermen surely used canoes. Whether made from aluminum, wood, plastic kevlar or birchbark, canoes

Road Rules!

Safety first is a motto of most parents. It is a huge responsibility to keep our children safe without babying them. No parent wants their child to be a “wussie”! At some point, parents need to loosen the leash a