Month: August 2014

Cold Beer!

I am not an alcoholic! But, I must admit to enjoying a cold beer at certain times! Historically pioneers drank beer and spirits to hydrate. Clean water was rare but beer and whiskey were always germ free as a result


Like it or not, humans need to take a “Crap” daily to ensure good health. People have been “Pottie Trained” for in house rituals, but what happens when we venture into the wilderness? The fact is that a healthy Crap

Get Bullish on Hunting!

It is time to get your Big Game Face on and begin this year’s hunting adventure! Chasing Bulls across Montana is the most demanding and exciting hunting adventure you can tackle. Hunters only have so many elk hunts in their

Giving Back!

Fishermen evolve as they grow into their sport. We don’t finish where we start and we are always changing. First we want to catch a fish, any fish, any way. Then we want to learn how to catch a lot