Month: July 2014

Catch On Quick!

Catching fish for food is a healthy and tasteful way to celebrate your fishing success. What you do with your fresh caught fish is truly a matter of taste! We have all seen anglers hang their catch on a stringer,

Ticks Suck!

Ticks really bug me! They fall into the group of nuisance critters like mosquitos, leeches, and other blood sucking parasites. Yeech! Folks that spend a lot of time in the outdoors must become familiar with the problems and diseases caused

Wild and Crazy!

It is important to LIVE our lives! It is fine to test our limits but make sure that you are always prepared for an emergency. Swimming, hiking, camping, boating, and outdoor adventure are incredible adrenaline rushes that can quickly turn

C’mon Guys!

I was hiking along the river and ran into several beer-drinking fishermen. They had a fire going and were enjoying the companionship, fishing, and beer. They had carried their party snacks and drinks almost a mile to their fishing spot.