Month: May 2014

Get Lost!

Now is the time to “Get Lost”! The weather is getting nicer, and our bodies are craving exercise. We feel drawn to go exploring. We have taken trips or adventures where everything is precisely planned. The agendas and time schedules

Foot Selfies!

A picture is worth 1000 words! Our new technologies allow us to catalog any event in our lives. The world has become a smaller place for all of us to enjoy. Cell phones take wonderful pictures that we can quickly


Who doesn’t enjoy a campfire? There is something magical about watching the dancing flames and sharing stories. No matter how stressful life is, the flames and warmth of a campfire seem to make things more comfortable. Stories and memories are

Farewell Old Friend!

Losing an “Old Friend” is hard. I will always remember the special trips and fun that we had together, but it is hard to say goodbye. Having a friend that you can always count on is so important and hard

Tie One on After Work!

When work is done, it’s time to go fishing! Work gets old fast, but we never get our fill of fishing. There is just something special about relaxing along a riverbank, stream, pond, or beach. Our senses and spirits come