Month: March 2014

Stud Service!

A Little “Stud Service” can go a long way when it comes to keeping a wading fisherman erect and dry! Studs and Cleats are the latest technology to help wading fishermen stay on their feet! No one wants to do

A Marinate Made In Heaven!

Marinates add flavor and tenderize meat. This is especially true when cooking wild game. Here are some tasty tips that will help your meat become even more delicious. Wild game has a “wild” odor and taste. It just does. Some

Perch Power!

Yellow Perch are caught for eating. This kind of fishing is all about planning for a fish fry. Each spring, anglers look for a way to shake off the winter blues and have an excuse to warm up for trout

Fly Fishing is a Joke!

I recently watched this video that so perfectly expresses my feelings about Fly Fishing.  It is worth the time. There is also a wonderful video of Bob Jacklyn fly tying! The video and presentation are awesome. Fly Fishing is a Joke