Year: 2014

Tinkle Time!

Tinkle Time is a manly ritual that hunters and fishermen have shared throughout time. Men us urinals and often talk when using the Men’s room. I don’t have a clue what Ladies do in their defined areas. I have also

The Best Christmas Gift!

Great gift ideas are tough to find. Sometimes, the best gifts are the simplest. Giving gifts that last a lifetime are the best ones. Here are some ideas for you to think about. Priceless gifts are not about money. Think

The First Time!

We all remember our first time. Maybe our Father or a family member took us out for our first experience. For some of us, it happened using a rifle or a bow. What were you thinking? Let me start over.

Hunting Camp!

Hunting camp brings friends together and celebrates traditions of the hunt. Each season is a new opportunity and adventure. We only have so many opening days in our lives. It is important to enjoy and participate in as many as

Another Day in the Tree!

So what did you do today? “I spent the day sitting 15 feet up in a tree stand hunting deer”. Usually the response is… ”You must be crazy”. Oh well, what can I say? Tree stand hunting is a hard

Crappy Photos!

Congratulations on tagging your latest trophy critter! All hunters enjoy capturing that special moment to be shared with friends. Take time and care to create a great memory. The picture I have in this story is a great example of

Trail Cam Dreams!

Deer hunting is like Christmas. There is just something so special about opening your gifts on Christmas morning. Each gift is unique, special, and a surprise. On opening morning of deer season, anything can happen. No matter how well you

The True Camping Life

The challenge when camping is to make camp life comfortable and luxurious! Anyone can “rough it”, eat hot dogs, and drink beer. What’s the fun in being a “camping slob” The trick is to make camping so much fun that

“Humans, it’s what’s for Dinner!”

We are not alone when in nature. Careless mistakes or being unaware can result in serious problems. It is important to be prepared for Nature’s surprises. Whenever we trek into the outdoors, things can get dangerous quickly. While we are

The BEST Hunt!

Going hunting changes over time for all of us. It also becomes better and more fun. As we age, our goal shifts from filling our tags to showing others how to fill theirs. Passing along the traditions and skills of