Month: October 2013


If your hunting goal is to harvest a BIG BUCK, you need to hunt and scout year around. Scouting and preparation are essential for success. Hunt early and stay late when you hunt. Hunters evolve as their experience and skill


Bird hunters are again able to stand in a corn or wheat field and yell “Cock”! This rite of passage occurs during the annual Pheasant hunting season. If you yelled “Cock” at other times of the year, you may be

Blood Upon The Earth!

The changing colors of leaves, each Fall, signals shorter days and colder nights. Most ancient people didn’t have the luxury of a “Weather App” or news channel to know what time of year it was. They relied upon natures’ signs

Girls Can Fish Too!

Fishing is a wonderful sport for men and women! We all know of wives and girlfriends that bailed on a relationship because their boyfriend or Husband went hunting and fishing too much. Instead they wanted their MAN to stay home