It’s Called Hunting!

grant with buckHumans are hunters. We all hunt. Deer hunters hunt for the big buck. Shoppers hunt for the best bargain. We all hunt for something!

Good hunters use all of their senses and skills. Hunting doesn’t start and stop…it is a continual quest. My favorite part about deer hunting is that I can hunt deer year round. The actual harvest or “kill” is just a small part of the hunt.

As hunters and gatherers, the success of the hunt is measured by meat in the pot. As a “sport hunter,” success is measured by quality, preparation, experience, and ethics of the hunt. The meat in the pot is also a good thing, but not the only thing.

Hunting means staying in shape both physically and mentally. Education is an ongoing necessity if you want to have consistent success.

Scouting helps you understand deer biology, behavior, patterns, and population. Finding sheds shows us what’s around. We evolve as our hunting skills grow. At first, we just want to see a deer and get close. Next, we want to actually harvest a deer…any deer. Next, the evolution requires an antlered deer. Eventually, you want to harvest a specific deer….maybe a monster buck.

When you truly evolve as a great hunter, you want to share the sport of deer hunting by teaching others how to hunt. Protecting habitat becomes important so that others can enjoy the sport of hunting that you have loved all your life.