Month: July 2013

Keeping Your Cool!

Keeping your cool is about managing the heat. There’s no way you are going to stay indoors after a long winter. Air conditioners are for “wussies”. Summertime in the outdoors of Montana can be hot! Sunburns can be a big


Snowballs are a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Baltimore is the snowball capital of the world! As a kid, I remember our favorite snowball-making neighbor, Miss Connie. She would freeze a huge block of ice and put it

Crab Crunch Time…Is Now!!

If you are a crab lover like me, it’s “Hammer Time!” Blue crabs are plentiful and always the tastiest catch. “Give us a shout, we’re never sold out” is the motto at Lowers Crab Shack and Fish Market in Essex,

Carp Commander!

“Who ya gonna call? CARPBUSTERS!” Carp are kink for many anglers. These bottom feeding brutes are strong, big, and challenging. Whether you use Bank Sticks or a flyrod, carp help to create Monster Memories. In Europe, Carpin’ is serious business.


I am a “Nymphomaniac”! I am confessing. Now before you get embarrassed, let me explain. I love to catch trout on Nymphs! Now a lot of you “Dry Fly Purists” are probably gagging at this moment. They only fish for