Puppy Time

The Montana winters are long and cold. That means it’s “Puppy Time”!

Think about getting your new favorite hunting buddy now. The Animal Shelters in your area have some great prospects just waiting for you.

Last year at this time my wife came home with a new puppy! Two years ago, I did the same to her. Her new puppy was a “whoops” dog. It turned out to be half Golden Retriever and half German Shorthair Pointer!

Wow! So the new puppy is jet black and has a long tail. To me she looks like a Black Lab with a Pointer nose. The parents were both hunters and neither was black. The new pup was so small that she fit into a 5 gallon bucket! Keep in mind that I also possess photos of my kids in a 5 gallon bucket!

My first thought was, can the new pup point? Talk about a hunter! Not only can she point, but she is an awesome hunter! No bird is safe around my new pup.

So what do you name this new family friend? Remember to never name a dog anything that rhymes with “no, sit, stay, come, or bad”! You will need all of these sounds for future commands. Single syllables are important too. You don’t want to call your new pup “Bartholomew”. It will take forever to get their attention.

My sweet new pup would be named after her previous family members. Two great hunters named “Sheba” and “Coalby”. “Sheba” was an older dog on her way to the pound. Her owner was moving and had no hope to take her along. We adopted this wonderful dog into our family. “Coalby” was a black German Shorthaired Pointer that was not typical. Neither was wanted by others. Both were the most awesome hunters and friends that I have been blessed to know.

Our new pup would be called “Shelby”! In the field I call her “Shell”. My other homeless pup is called “Magnum”! “Mag” and “Shell” are the BEST hunting buddies you could ever ask for. Both are great hunters and sweet dogs that just want to be loved and hunt birds. If people were as loving and full of energy as dogs, they would only live to be 12 to 15 years old. When we lose a great pup, the best therapy is a new one.

There are a lot of pups just like mine out there. Maybe the “Puppy Boom” is just another result of boredom during these long Montana winters. Checkout your local pet shelters and newspapers for these special gifts!

Keep in mind that bird season is just 9 months away!

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