Dry Fly Shake and Bake

Dry flies work best when floating! There are a ton of great products that help keep your fly from drowning. Silicon gels and desiccate powders are a must. Here’s the routine to keep your fly dry!

  • Apply the silicone gel to your fly sparingly (a little dab will do), rub the gel into your fly; a little on the leader for a foot or so is OK
  • Present your dry fly so you get a natural life-like drift
  • False casting helps to wick off moisture between drifts
  • After catching a fish, wash the fish slime off your fly and check your hook point and knot
  • Add the fly to some powdered fly desiccate and “shake and bake” in the container
  • A false cast or two will flick off the extra powder
  • Your fly is back in floating form!!

To make your own desiccate powder, collect the moisture protection packs from various product packaging. Crush the round silica balls and place into a small capped bottle. Cut a smoothed groove on one edge to allow the line to set in without getting pinched.

“Shake and bake” your wet flies away!!

Tight lines,

Montana Grant

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