Month: April 2013

Maryland Crab and Fishing Report 4/22/13

Female crabs are up 52% according to the recent dredge survey. The general crab population is healthy and has good potential to grow. The bad news is that the male population dropped significantly over the winter. There seems to be

Stripping Streamers With Montana Grant!

Stripping Streamers is an effective way to catch trout along Montana’s rivers now! One of my favorite streamers is the Clouser Minnow. Most western fly fishermen take credit for most effective fly patterns. Ironically, a lot of the great western

Maryland Fishing Is on!

If you enjoy trout fishing in Maryland, the time is now. Water quality, flows, and destinations are still full of great fish. The state has done a good job in getting this year’s hatchery product into your favorite watersheds. Next


You never know what will happen when you take your wife fishing. That’s how I met “her other man.” Men and women just don’t see things the same way. We certainly have many differences. Men have hunting and fishing in

Montana Grant Weekly Fishing Report – April 8th, 2013

Southwest Montana trout fishing is heating up! Ironically, today it is snowing. Things should get back on track shortly. The good news is that the rivers are clear and full. It is important to hit the rivers now before any

Dog Tired of Winter?

Montana winters seem to last forever. This year’s winter hasn’t been that rough but if you don’t ski, winters can seem longer. Ice fishing helps to pass the time but we need to stay active. I use the short day

Dry Fly Shake and Bake

Dry flies work best when floating! There are a ton of great products that help keep your fly from drowning. Silicon gels and desiccate powders are a must. Here’s the routine to keep your fly dry! Apply the silicone gel

Getting Hooked

With hunting season winding down and ice fishing in the wings, what can we do in the meantime? How about taking your wife fishing? I know what you are thinking but this is the season of giving. Taking your wife

How to Take a Kid Fishing

“I GOTTA BITE!” Nothing is more fun than catching a fish. The feel of a bite, the bend of the rod and the sound of a screaming reels drag are lifelong memories. We may forget the place, we may forget

Knot Catching Fish

After guiding schools of fishing clients, I was amazed by how many fishing experts and newbies can’t tie a proper knot. Clean and strong knots are a must if you actually plan to catch a fish. There are a ton