Stogies On The Stream!

by Montana Grant on June 27, 2015

Stogies!Cigars stink! I still remember waking up on Sunday mornings to the smell of King Edwards in my bedroom. My Dad would read the Sunday paper and smoke a big fat stogie! It is amazing that I have any lungs at all. But…. Once in a while, I enjoy puffing on a STOGIE!

There are only a few times when I will light up a cigar. If I am fishing, and a cloud of mosquitos are attacking me, it is time for a Stogie! I carry a few in my fishing vest just for this purpose. I am not sure if the smoke helps but at least I feel distracted from the annoying bug attack. It really doesn’t matter what kind of stogie as long as it smokes.

Campfires inspire me to puff on a Stogie with a friend. It is already smokey so what the heck. My good friend Mel, always has a new Stogie that he wants me to try. The last one was a Chocolate Stogie that even Mrs. Montana Grant puffed on. Smooth and tasty! Keep in mind that I “puff” on the stogies. Not being a smoker of any kind, I physically can’t breathe in the smoke and blow it out through my nose. I can make pretty good smoke rings though.

A guide client once gave me a couple “Romeo and Julieta” stogies in a metal screw off container and I still remember them. The best thig was that they were smooth and slow smokers. The taste was nice and we had a great day of fishing!

My brother and I met a gentleman along a trout stream a few weeks ago that gave us a couple wonderful “Padrons”. The date on the cigars said 1964! I assume that aged stogies can be better than fresh ones. I remember smoking stogies along the Madison River in Montana after dipping them into a glass of brandy. Maybe it is a guy and a nipple thing, but those stogies were pretty tasty!

Light me up please!

Montana Grant

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